Mercedes-Benz GLC : Driving and parking

Air vents

Adjusting the front air vents WARNING Risk of burns and frostbite due to being too close to the air vents Very hot or very cold air can flow from the air vents...



Other information:

Mercedes-Benz GLC 2016-2023 Owners Manual: Operational data in the vehicle

This is data regarding the operation of the vehicle, which have been processed by control units. This includes the following data, for example: Vehicle status information such as the speed, longitudinal acceleration, lateral acceleration, number of wheel revolutions or the fastened seat belts display Ambient conditions, such as temperature, rain sensor or distance sensor Generally, the use of these data is temporary; they will not be stored beyond the period of operation and will only be processed within the vehicle itself...

Mercedes-Benz GLC 2016-2023 Owners Manual: Using kickdown. Glide mode function

Using kickdown   Maximum acceleration: depress the accelerator pedal beyond the pressure point. To protect against engine overrev, the automatic transmission shifts up to the next gear when maximum engine speed has been reached. Glide mode function NOTE Mercedes-AMG vehicles Observe the notes in the Supplement...


Unlocking the tailgate with the emergency key


The rear seat backrest has been folded forward. The cargo compartment cover has been removed.

Mercedes-Benz GLC. Unlocking the tailgate with the emergency key

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