Mercedes-Benz GLC : Driving and parking / Function of the 4MATIC

4MATIC ensures that all four wheels are driven. Together with ESP® and 4ETS, 4MATIC improves the traction of your vehicle whenever a driven wheel spins due to insufficient traction.

If you fail to adapt your driving style, 4MATIC can neither reduce the risk of an accident nor override the laws of physics. 4MATIC cannot take account of road, weather and traffic conditions. 4MATIC is only an aid. You are responsible especially for maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle in front, for vehicle speed, for braking in good time and for staying in lane.

In wintry road conditions, the maximum effect of 4MATIC can be achieved only if you use winter tires (M+S tires), with snow chains if necessary.

    Using kickdown. Glide mode function

    Using kickdown   Maximum acceleration: depress the accelerator pedal beyond the pressure point. To protect against engine overrev, the automatic transmission shifts up to the next gear when maximum engine speed has been reached...


    Refueling the vehicle WARNING Risk of fire or explosion from fuel Fuels are highly flammable. Fire, open flames, smoking and creation of sparks must be avoided...

    Other information:

    Mercedes-Benz GLC 2016-2023 Owners Manual: Unlocking the tailgate with the emergency key


    Mercedes-Benz GLC 2016-2023 Owners Manual: Operating the on-board computer

    Observe the legal requirements for the country in which you are currently driving when operating the on-board computer. The on-board computer is operated using the left-hand Touch Control and the left-hand back/ home button. When the on-board computer is being operated, different acoustic signals will sound as operating feedback, e...


    Removing/inserting the emergency key

    Removing the emergency key

    Mercedes-Benz GLC. Removing/inserting the emergency key

    Mercedes-Benz GLC. Removing/inserting the emergency key Press release knob Mercedes-Benz GLC. Removing/inserting the emergency key. Emergency key 2 is pushed out slightly.

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