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Function of EBD

Electronic Breakforce Distribution (EBD) is characterized by the following:

  • Monitoring and regulating the brake pressure on the rear wheels.
  • Improved driving stability when braking, especially on bends.


STEER CONTROL helps you by transmitting a noticeable steering force to the steering wheel in the direction required for vehicle stabilization.

This steering recommendation is given in the following situations:

  • Both right wheels or both left wheels are on a wet or slippery road surface when you brake
  • The vehicle starts to skid

System limits

STEER CONTROL may be impaired or may not function in the following situations:

  • ESP® is deactivated.
  • ESP® is malfunctioning.
  • The steering is malfunctioning.

If ESP® is malfunctioning, you will be assisted further by the electric power steering.

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