Mercedes-Benz GLC : Driving and parking / DYNAMIC SELECT switch

ECO display function

The ECO display summarizes your driving characteristics from the start of the journey to its completion and assists you in achieving the most economical driving style...

Function of the DYNAMIC SELECT switch

NOTE Mercedes-AMG vehicles Observe the notes in the Supplement. You could otherwise fail to recognize dangers. NOTE Plug-in hybrid Observe the notes in the Supplement...

Other information:

Mercedes-Benz GLC 2016-2023 Owners Manual: Attaching a roof luggage rack

WARNING Risk of accident due to exceeding the maximum roof load The vehicle center of gravity and the usual driving characteristics as well as the steering and braking characteristics alter. If you exceed the maximum roof load, the driving characteristics, as well as steering and braking, will be greatly impaired...

Mercedes-Benz GLC 2016-2023 Owners Manual: Permitted towing methods

Plug-in hybrid: be sure to observe the notes in the Supplement. You could otherwise fail to recognize dangers. NOTE Damage from automatic braking If one of the following functions is switched on, the vehicle brakes automatically in certain situations: Active Brake Assist Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC HOLD function Active Parking Assist To avoid damage to the vehicle, deactivate these systems in the following or similar situations: During towing In a car wash Mercedes-Benz recommends transporting your vehicle in the case of a breakdown, rather than towing it away...



Mercedes-Benz GLC. HANDS-FREE ACCESS function

With HANDS-FREE ACCESS you can open, close or stop the closing process of the tailgate by performing a kicking movement under the rear bumper.

The kicking movement triggers the opening or closing process alternately.

Observe the notes when opening and closing the tailgate.

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