Mercedes-Benz GLC : Driving and driving safety systems / Functions of ESP®

WARNING Risk of skidding if ESP® is deactivated

If you deactivate ESP®, ESP® cannot carry out vehicle stabilization.

Mercedes-Benz GLC. Functions of ESP® ESP® should only be deactivated in the following situations.

NOTE Mercedes-AMG vehicles

Mercedes-Benz GLC. Functions of ESP® Observe the notes in the Supplement. You could otherwise fail to recognize dangers.

The Electronic Stability Program (ESP®) can monitor and improve driving stability and traction in the following situations within physical limits:

  • When pulling away on a wet or slippery road.
  • When braking.

If the vehicle deviates from the direction desired by the driver, ESP® can stabilize the vehicle by intervening in the following ways:

  • One or more wheels are braked.
  • The engine output is adapted according to the situation.

ESP® is deactivated if the Mercedes-Benz GLC. Functions of ESP® ESP® OFF warning lamp lights up continuously in the instrument cluster:

  • Driving stability will no longer be improved.
  • The drive wheels could spin.
  • ETS/4ETS traction control is still active.

When ESP® is deactivated, you are still assisted by ESP® when braking.

If the Mercedes-Benz GLC. Functions of ESP® ESP® warning lamp flashes in the instrument cluster, one or several wheels has reached its grip limit:

  • Adapt your driving style to suit the current road and weather conditions.
  • Do not deactivate ESP®.
  • Only depress the accelerator pedal as far as is necessary when pulling away.

It can be advantageous to deactivate ESP® in the following situations to improve traction:

  • When using snow chains.
  • In deep snow.
  • On sand or gravel.

Spinning the wheels results in a cutting action, which enhances traction.

If the Mercedes-Benz GLC. Functions of ESP® ESP® warning lamp lights up continuously, ESP® is not available due to a malfunction.

Observe the following information:

  • Indicator and warning lamps
  • Display messages

ETS/4ETS (Electronic Traction System)

ETS/4ETS traction control is part of ESP® and makes it possible to pull away and accelerate on a slippery road.

ETS/4ETS can improve the vehicle's traction by intervening in the following ways:

  • The drive wheels are braked individually if they spin.
  • More drive torque is transferred to the wheel or wheels with traction.

Influence of drive programs on ESP®

The drive programs enable ESP® to adapt to different weather and road conditions as well as the driver's preferred driving style. Depending on the selected drive program, the appropriate ESP® mode will be activated. You can select the drive programs using the DYNAMIC SELECT switch.

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