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Mercedes-Benz GLC : Parking / Information on collision detection on a parked vehicle

If a collision is detected when the tow-away alarm is armed on a locked vehicle, you will receive a notification in the multimedia system when you switch on the ignition.

You will receive information about the following points:

  • The area of the vehicle that may have been damaged.
  • The force of the impact.

The following situations can lead to inadvertent activation:

  • The parked vehicle is moved, e.g. in a twostory garage.

Deactivate the tow-away alarm in order to prevent inadvertent activation. If you deactivate the tow-away alarm, collision detection will also be deactivated.

If the battery is severely discharged, the function for detecting a collision on a parked vehicle is automatically deactivated to facilitate the next engine start.

System limits

Detection may be restricted in the following situations:

  • The vehicle is damaged without impact, e.g. if an outside mirror is torn off or the paint is damaged by a SmartKey
  • An impact occurs at low speed
  • The electric parking brake is not applied

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