Mercedes-Benz GLC : Display messages and warning/indicator lamps / Warning and indicator lamps

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Overview of indicator and warning lamps

Some systems will perform a self-test when the ignition is switched on. Some indicator and warning lamps may briefly light up or flash. This behavior is non-critical...

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Mercedes-Benz GLC 2016-2024 Owners Manual: Adjusting the steering wheel mechanically

WARNING Risk of accident due to adjusting the vehicle settings while the vehicle is in motion You could lose control of the vehicle in the following situations in particular: If you adjust the driver's seat, the head restraint, the steering wheel or the mirror while the vehicle is in motion If you fasten your seat belt while the vehicle is in motion Before starting the engine: In particular, adjust the driver's seat, head restraint, steering wheel and mirror, and fasten your seat belt...

Mercedes-Benz GLC 2016-2024 Owners Manual: Moving the wiper arms into the replacement position




Mercedes-Benz GLC. HANDS-FREE ACCESS function

With HANDS-FREE ACCESS you can open, close or stop the closing process of the tailgate by performing a kicking movement under the rear bumper.

The kicking movement triggers the opening or closing process alternately.

Observe the notes when opening and closing the tailgate.

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