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With Smartphone Integration, you can use certain functions on your mobile phone via the multimedia system display.

Only one mobile phone at a time can be connected via Smartphone Integration to the multimedia system. Also for use with two phone mode with smartphone integration, only one additional mobile phone can be connected using Bluetooth ® with the multimedia system.

The full range of functions for Smartphone Integration is only possible with an Internet connection. The appropriate application must be downloaded on the mobile phone to use Smartphone Integration. The mobile phone must be switched on and connected to a USB port with the Mercedes-Benz GLC. Overview of smartphone integration symbol on the multimedia system using a suitable cable.

Apps for Smartphone Integration

  • Mercedes-Benz Link (implementation of the function using the Mercedes-Benz Link control box)
  • Apple CarPlay®
  • Android Auto

You can start Smartphone Integration using the Mercedes me & Apps menu.

You can end Smartphone Integration by disconnecting the connecting cable between the mobile phone and multimedia system.

Mercedes-Benz recommends disconnecting the connecting cable only when the vehicle is stationary.

Overview of transferred vehicle data

When using Smartphone Integration, certain vehicle data is transferred to the mobile phone. This enables you to get the best out of selected mobile phone services. Vehicle data is not directly accessible.

The following system information is transmitted:

  • Software release of the multimedia system
  • System ID (anonymized)

The transfer of this data is used to alter how content is displayed to correspond to the driving situation.

The following position data is transmitted:

  • Coordinates
  • Speed
  • Compass direction
  • Acceleration direction

This data is used by the mobile phone to improve the accuracy of the navigation (e.g. for continuation in a tunnel).

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