Mercedes-Benz GLC : Function of the Head-up Display / System limits

The visibility is influenced by the following conditions:

  • Seat position
  • Image position setting
  • Ambient light
  • Wet road surfaces
  • Objects on the display cover
  • Polarization in sunglasses

In extreme sunlight, sections of the display may appear washed out. You can correct this by switching the Head-up Display off and on again.

    Display content

    Navigation instructions Current speed Detected instructions and traffic signs Set speed in the driver assistance system (e.g. cruise control) When you receive a call, the Incoming Call message will appear on the Head-up Display...

    Adjusting the Head-up Display settings on the on-board computer

    On-board computer: Head-up Disp. Setting currently selected Digital speedometer Traffic Sign Assist Navigation displays The following can be adjusted for the Head-up Display: Position Brightness Display Content To select a setting: swipe upwards or downwards on the left-hand Touch Control...

    Other information:

    Mercedes-Benz GLC 2016-2022 Owners Manual: Using the TIREFIT kit

    Requirements: Tire sealant bottle and tire inflation compressor. TIREFIT sticker Gloves (depending on the vehicle equipment) You can use TIREFIT tire sealant to seal perforation damage of up to 0.16 in (4 mm), particularly those in the tire contact surface...

    Mercedes-Benz GLC 2016-2022 Owners Manual: Activating/deactivating Parking Assist PARKTRONIC using the multimedia system

    NOTE Risk of an accident from objects at close range Parking Assist PARKTRONIC may not detect certain objects at close range. When parking or maneuvering the vehicle, pay particular attention to any objects which are above or below the sensors, e...


    Unlocking the tailgate with the emergency key


    The rear seat backrest has been folded forward. The cargo compartment cover has been removed.

    Mercedes-Benz GLC. Unlocking the tailgate with the emergency key

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