Mercedes-Benz GLC : Opening and closing / Cargo compartment

Locking/unlocking the driver's door with the emergency key

If you wish to lock the vehicle entirely using the emergency key, first press the button for locking from the inside while the driver's door is open...

Opening the tailgate

DANGER Risk of exhaust gas poisoning Combustion engines emit poisonous exhaust gases such as carbon monoxide. Exhaust gases can enter the vehicle interior if the tailgate is open when the engine is running, especially if the vehicle is in motion...

Other information:

Mercedes-Benz GLC 2016-2023 Owners Manual: Overview of the traffic light data service

WARNING Risk of an accident or injury due to distraction, incorrect or missing data The traffic light information display is an aid and cannot replace the observation of the actual driving situation. Keep the actual traffic situation constantly in view when approaching a traffic light and when changing lanes...

Mercedes-Benz GLC 2016-2023 Owners Manual: Overview of the tie-down eyes. Overview of bag hooks

Overview of the tie-down eyes Observe the notes on loading the vehicle. Tie-down eyes Overview of bag hooks WARNING Risk of injury when using bag hooks with heavy objects The bag hooks cannot restrain heavy objects or items of luggage. Objects or items of luggage may be flung around and hit vehicle occupants...



Mercedes-Benz GLC. HANDS-FREE ACCESS function

With HANDS-FREE ACCESS you can open, close or stop the closing process of the tailgate by performing a kicking movement under the rear bumper.

The kicking movement triggers the opening or closing process alternately.

Observe the notes when opening and closing the tailgate.

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