Mercedes-Benz GLC : Occupant safety / Notes on pets in the vehicle

WARNING Risk of accident and injury due to animals left unsecured or unattended in the vehicle

If you leave animals in the vehicle unattended or unsecured, they could possibly press buttons or switches.

An animal may:

  • Activate vehicle equipment and become trapped, for example
  • Switch systems on or off and endanger other road users

Unsecured animals may be thrown around in the vehicle in the event of an accident or sudden steering and braking maneuvers and injure vehicle occupants in the process.

Never leave animals in the vehicle unattended.

Always correctly secure animals while driving, e.g. using a suitable animal carrier.

    Activating or deactivating the child safety lock for the rear side windows


    Opening and closing


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    Fastening and adjusting seat belts

    If the seat belt is pulled quickly or sharply, the seat belt retractor locks. The seat belt strap cannot be pulled out any further.

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