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Notes on telephony WARNING Risk of distraction from operating integrated communication equipment while the vehicle is in motion If you operate communication equipment integrated in the vehicle when driving, you could be distracted from the traffic situation...

Mercedes me connect

Information on Mercedes me connect Mercedes me connect consists of multiple services. You can use the following services via the multimedia system and the overhead control panel, for example: Accident and Breakdown Management (me button or situation-dependent display in the multimedia system) Mercedes-Benz emergency call system (automatic emergency call and SOS button) The Mercedes me connect Accident and Breakdown Management and the Mercedes-Benz emergency call center are available to you around the clock...

Other information:

Mercedes-Benz GLC 2016-2023 Owners Manual: Notes on starting assistance and charging the 12 V battery

Vehicles with a lithium-ion battery When charging the battery and during starting assistance, always use the jump-start connection point in the engine compartment. NOTE Damage to the battery from overvoltage When charging using a battery charger without a maximum charging voltage, the battery or the on-board electronics may be damaged...

Mercedes-Benz GLC 2016-2023 Owners Manual: Activating/deactivating ESP® (Electronic Stability Program)

Multimedia system: Settings Quick Access ESP® can only be activated/deactivated using quick access when at least one other function is available in quick access. ESP® can otherwise be found in the Assistance menu. NOTE Mercedes-AMG vehicles Observe the notes in the Supplement...



Mercedes-Benz GLC. HANDS-FREE ACCESS function

With HANDS-FREE ACCESS you can open, close or stop the closing process of the tailgate by performing a kicking movement under the rear bumper.

The kicking movement triggers the opening or closing process alternately.

Observe the notes when opening and closing the tailgate.

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