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 Your vehicle is equipped with the Mercedes-Benz emergency call system ("eCall"). This feature can help save lives in the event of an accident. eCall in no way replaces assistance provided from dialing 911.

Mercedes-Benz eCall only functions in areas where mobile phone coverage is available from the wireless service providers. Insufficient network coverage from the wireless service providers may result in an emergency call not being transmitted.

eCall is a standard feature in your Mercedes- Benz vehicle. In order to function as intended, the system relies on the transmission of data detailed in the Transmitted Data section that follows.

To disable eCall, a customer must visit an authorized Mercedes-Benz Service department to deactivate the vehicle's communication module.

Deactivation of this module prevents the activation of any and all Mercedes me connect services. After the deactivation of eCall, automatic emergency call and manual emergency call will not be available.

The ignition must be switched on before an automatic emergency call can be made.

eCall is activated at the factory.

eCall can be deactivated by an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer. Please note that in the event ownership of the vehicle is transferred to another owner in its deactivated state, eCall will remain deactivated unless the new owner visits an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealership to reactivate the system.

    Mercedes-Benz emergency call system


    Overview of the Mercedes-Benz emergency call system

    eCall can help to reduce the time between an accident and the arrival of emergency services at the site of the accident. It helps locate an accident site in places that are difficult to access...

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