Mercedes-Benz GLC : Rear view camera / Function of the rear view camera

When you engage reverse gear, the image from the rear view camera is shown in the media display. Dynamic guide lines show the path the vehicle will take with the current steering angle. This helps you to orient yourself and to avoid obstacles when backing up.

The rear view camera is only an aid. It is not a substitute for your attention to the surroundings. The responsibility for safe maneuvering and parking remains with you. Make sure that there are no persons, animals or objects etc., in the maneuvering area while maneuvering and parking.

You can open the cover of the rear view camera manually.

The guide lines in the media display show the distances to your vehicle. The distances displayed only apply to road level.

Depending on the vehicle equipment, you can select from the following views:

  • Normal view
  • Wide-angle view
  • Trailer view

The area behind the vehicle is displayed as a mirror image, as in the inside rearview mirror.

    Rear view camera


    Vehicles without Parking Assist PARKTRONIC

    The following camera views are available in the multimedia system: Normal view Yellow guide line, vehicle width (driven surface) depending on the current steering angle (dynamic) Yellow guide line at a distance of approximately 3...

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