Mercedes-Benz GLC : Active Parking Assist / System limits

If the exterior lighting is malfunctioning, Active Parking Assist is not available.

Objects located above or below the detection range of the sensors, e.g. overhanging loads, overhangs or loading ramps of trucks, or the borders of parking spaces, are not detected during measurement of the parking space. These are also then not taken into account when calculating the parking procedure. In some circumstances, Active Parking Assist may therefore guide you into the parking space incorrectly.

WARNING Risk of accident due to objects located above or below the detection range of Active Parking Assist

If there are objects above or below the detection range, the following situations may arise:

Active Parking Assist may steer too early.

The vehicle may not stop in front of these objects.

This could cause a collision.

Mercedes-Benz GLC. System limits In these situations, do not use Active Parking Assist.

Extreme weather conditions, such as snow or heavy rain, may lead to a parking space being measured inaccurately. Parking spaces that are partially occupied by trailer drawbars might not be identified as such or be measured incorrectly. Only use Active Parking Assist on level, high-grip ground.

Do not use Active Parking Assist in the following situations:

  • In extreme weather conditions such as ice, packed snow or in heavy rain.
  • When transporting a load that protrudes beyond the vehicle.
  • On steep uphill or downhill gradients of more than approximately 15%.
  • When snow chains are installed.
  • When a trailer or bicycle rack is attached.
  • Directly after a tire change or when spare tires are installed.
  • If the tire pressure is too low or too high.
  • If the suspension is out of alignment, e.g. after bottoming out on a curb.

Active Parking Assist may also display parking spaces that are not suitable for parking, such as:

  • Parking spaces where parking is prohibited.
  • Parking spaces on unsuitable surfaces.

    Function of Active Parking Assist

    Active Parking Assist is an electronic parking assistance system, which uses ultrasound with the assistance of the rear view camera and surround view camera...

    Parking with Active Parking Assist

    Depending on the vehicle's equipment, the button may also be located at a different position on the center console. Press button . The media display shows the view of Active Parking Assist...

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