Mercedes-Benz GLC : Active Parking Assist / Function of Active Parking Assist

Active Parking Assist is an electronic parking assistance system, which uses ultrasound with the assistance of the rear view camera and surround view camera. When you are driving forwards up to approximately 22 mph (35 km/h), the system automatically measures parking spaces on both sides of the vehicle.

As soon as all requirements are met for searching for parking spaces, the Mercedes-Benz GLC. Function of Active Parking Assist display appears in the multifunction display.

When Active Parking Assist has detected parking spaces, the Mercedes-Benz GLC. Function of Active Parking Assist display appears in the multifunction display. The arrows show on which side of the road detected parking spaces are located. They are then shown in the media display.

The parking space can be selected as desired. Depending on the location of the parking space, the parking direction (rearwards or forwards) can also be selected as desired.

When Active Parking Assist is activated, the turn signal indicators are activated based on the calculated path of your vehicle.

When you are entering or exiting a parking space, the procedure is assisted by acceleration, braking, steering and gear changes.

Active Parking Assist is only an aid. It is not a substitute for your attention to the surroundings. The responsibility for safe maneuvering and parking remains with you. Make sure that no persons, animals or objects etc. are in the maneuvering range.

Active Parking Assist will be canceled in the following situations:

  • Parking Assist PARKTRONIC is deactivated.
  • You begin steering.
  • You apply the parking brake.
  • You engage transmission position Mercedes-Benz GLC. Function of Active Parking Assist.
  • ESP® intervenes.
  • You open the doors or the tailgate while driving.

    Active Parking Assist


    System limits

    If the exterior lighting is malfunctioning, Active Parking Assist is not available. Objects located above or below the detection range of the sensors, e...

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