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Mercedes-Benz GLC : Airbags / Protective capacity of the airbags

Depending on the accident situation, an airbag may supplement the protection offered by a correctly fastened seat belt.

WARNING Risk of injury or death due to an incorrect seat position

If you deviate from the correct seat position, the airbag cannot perform its intended protective function.

Each vehicle occupant must make sure of the following:

  • Fasten seat belts correctly. Pregnant women must take particular care to ensure that the lap belt never lies across the abdomen.
  • Adopt the correct seat position and keep as far away as possible from the airbags.
  • Observe the following information.

Mercedes-Benz GLC. Protective capacity of the airbags Always make sure that there are no objects between the airbag and vehicle occupant.

To avoid the risks resulting from the deployment of an airbag, each vehicle occupant must observe the following information in particular:

  • Before starting your journey, adjust your seat correctly; the driver's seat and front passenger seat should be moved as far back as possible.

    When doing so, always observe the information on the correct driver's seat position.

  • Only hold the steering wheel by the steering wheel rim. This allows the airbag to be fully deployed.
  • Always lean against the seat backrest when the vehicle is in motion. Do not lean forwards or against the door or side window. You may otherwise be in the deployment area of the airbags.
  • The occupants must always keep their feet on the floor. Do not put your feet on the cockpit, for example. Your feet may otherwise be in the deployment area of the airbag.
  • If children are traveling in the vehicle, observe the additional notes. R Always store and secure objects correctly.

Objects in the vehicle interior may prevent an airbag from functioning correctly. Each vehicle occupant must always make sure of the following in particular:

  • There are no people, animals or objects between the vehicle occupants and an airbag.
  • There are no objects between the seat, door and door pillar (B-pillar).
  • There are no hard objects, e.g. coat hangers, hanging on the grab handles or coat hooks.
  • There are no accessory parts, such as mobile navigation devices, mobile phones or cup holders, within the deployment area of an airbag, e.g. on the cockpit, on the door, on the side window or on the side trim.

    In addition, no connecting cables, tensioning straps or retaining straps must be routed or attached to the vehicle within the deployment area of an airbag. Always comply with the accessory manufacturer's installation instructions and, in particular, the notes on suitable places for installation.

  • There are no heavy, sharp-edged or fragile objects in the pockets of your clothing. Store such objects in a suitable place.

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