Mercedes-Benz GLC : AIR BODY CONTROL / Lowering the vehicle

Mercedes-Benz GLC. Lowering the vehicle Press button Mercedes-Benz GLC. Lowering the vehicle.

Indicator lamp Mercedes-Benz GLC. Lowering the vehicle goes out. The vehicle is adjusted to the height of the active drive program.

    Raising the vehicle

    Press button . Indicator lamp lights up. Vehicles without Off-road package: the vehicle is set to high level +1. Vehicles with Off-road package: In drive program , , or : the vehicle is raised to high level +1...

    Lowering and raising the rear of the vehicle

    WARNING Risk of entrapment from vehicle lowering When lowering the vehicle, people could become trapped if their limbs are between the vehicle body and the tires or underneath the vehicle...

    Other information:

    Mercedes-Benz GLC 2016-2024 Owners Manual: Checking the engine oil level using the onboard computer

    Requirements: The engine has been warmed up. The vehicle is parked on a level surface. The engine is running at idle speed. The hood is closed. The engine oil level is determined during driving. Determining the engine oil level can take up to 30 minutes with a normal driving style and even longer with an active driving style...

    Mercedes-Benz GLC 2016-2024 Owners Manual: Checklist after driving off-road

    Driving off-road places greater demands on your vehicle than driving on normal roads. Check the entire vehicle for damage and foreign bodies every time after driving off-road. Foreign bodies in the wheels or drivetrain can lead to imbalances and therefore vibrations...


    Unlocking the tailgate with the emergency key


    The rear seat backrest has been folded forward. The cargo compartment cover has been removed.

    Mercedes-Benz GLC. Unlocking the tailgate with the emergency key

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