Mercedes-Benz GLC : 360° camera / System limits

The surround view camera will not function or will only partially function in the following situations:

  • The doors are open.
  • The outside mirrors are folded in.
  • The tailgate is open.
  • There is heavy rain, snow or fog.
  • The ambient light conditions are poor, e.g. at night.
  • Cameras, or vehicle components in which the cameras are installed, are damaged, dirty or covered. Observe the information on vehicle sensors and cameras.

Do not use the surround view camera under such circumstances. You could otherwise injure others or collide with objects when parking the vehicle.

For technical reasons, the standard height of the vehicle may be altered if the vehicle is carrying a heavy load and can result in inaccuracies in the guide lines and in the display of the generated images.

The contrast of the display may be impaired by abrupt, direct sunlight or by other light sources, e.g. when driving out of a garage. In this case, pay particular attention.

Have the display repaired or replaced if, for example, pixel errors considerably restrict its use.

See the notes on cleaning the surround view camera.

    System failure


    Calling up the view of the surround view camera using reverse gear

    Shift to reverse gear. Select the desired view in the multimedia system. If, after shifting to reverse gear, the image of the rear view camera is not shown: switch off the ignition, press and hold the button, switch on the ignition and engage reverse gear again...

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