Mercedes-Benz GLC : Battery (vehicle) / Replacing the 12 V battery

Mercedes-Benz GLC. Replacing the 12 V battery Observe the notes on the 12 V battery.

Mercedes-Benz recommends that you have the 12 V battery replaced at a qualified specialist workshop, e.g. at an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center.

Observe the following notes if you want to replace the battery yourself:

  • Always replace a faulty battery with a battery which meets the specific vehicle requirements.

    The vehicle is equipped with an AGM technology battery (Absorbent Glass Mat) or a lithium- ion battery. Full vehicle functionality is only guaranteed with an AGM battery or lithium- ion battery. For safety reasons, Mercedes-Benz recommends that you only use batteries which have been tested and approved for your vehicle by Mercedes-Benz.

  • Carry over detachable parts, such as vent hoses, elbow fitting or terminal covers from the battery being replaced.
  • Make sure that the vent hose is always connected to the original opening on the side of the battery.

    Install any existing or supplied cell caps.

    Otherwise, gases or battery acid could escape.

  • Make sure that detachable parts are reconnected in the same way.

    Starting assistance and charging the 12 V battery

    Requirements: The vehicle is secured with the electric parking brake. Vehicles with automatic transmission: The transmission is in position . The ignition and all electrical consumers are switched off...

    Tow starting or towing away


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