Mercedes-Benz GLC : Overview and operation / Notes on the MBUX multimedia system

WARNING Risk of distraction from information systems and communications equipment

If you operate information and communication equipment integrated in the vehicle when driving, you will be distracted from the traffic situation. This could also cause you to lose control of the vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz GLC. Notes on the MBUX multimedia system Only operate this equipment when the traffic situation permits.

Mercedes-Benz GLC. Notes on the MBUX multimedia system If you cannot be sure of this, stop the vehicle whilst paying attention to road and traffic conditions and operate the equipment with the vehicle stationary.

You must observe the legal requirements for the country in which you are currently driving when operating the multimedia system.

    Overview and operation


    Overview of the MBUX multimedia system

    Touch Control and control panel for the MBUX multimedia system Media display with touch functionality Control panel for telephone, navigation, radio/media, vehicle functions/system settings and favorites/themes Touchpad Controller Turn: adjusts the volume Press: switches sound on or off Switches the multimedia system or media display on or off Further operating options: Conducting a voice dialog with the Voice Control System...

    Other information:

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    Function of Drive Away Assist Drive Away Assist can reduce the severity of an impact when pulling away. If an obstacle is detected in the direction of travel, the vehicle's speed is briefly reduced to approx. 1 mph (2 km/h). If a critical situation is detected, the symbol appears in the media display...

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    Fastening and adjusting seat belts

    If the seat belt is pulled quickly or sharply, the seat belt retractor locks. The seat belt strap cannot be pulled out any further.

    Mercedes-Benz GLC. Fastening and adjusting seat belts

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