Mercedes-Benz GLC : Data processing in the vehicle / Legal requirements regarding the disclosure of data

If legally required to do so, manufacturers are, in individual cases, legally obliged to provide governmental entities, upon request and to the extent required, data stored by the manufacturer. For example, this may be the case during the investigation of a criminal offense.

Governmental entities are themselves, in individual cases and within the applicable legal framework, authorized to read out data from the vehicle. In the case of an accident, information that can help with an investigation can, therefore, be taken from the airbag control unit, for example.

    Personal data

    Every vehicle is identified by a unique vehicle identification number. Depending on the country, this vehicle identification number can be used by, for example, governmental authorities to determine the identity of the owner...

    Operational data in the vehicle

    This is data regarding the operation of the vehicle, which have been processed by control units. This includes the following data, for example: Vehicle status information such as the speed, longitudinal acceleration, lateral acceleration, number of wheel revolutions or the fastened seat belts display Ambient conditions, such as temperature, rain sensor or distance sensor Generally, the use of these data is temporary; they will not be stored beyond the period of operation and will only be processed within the vehicle itself...

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    Adjusting the steering wheel electrically

    The steering wheel can be adjusted when the power supply is disconnected.

    Mercedes-Benz GLC. Adjusting the steering wheel electrically

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