Mercedes-Benz GLC : Display messages / Introduction

Information about display messages

Display messages appear on the multifunction display.

Display messages with graphical symbols are simplified in the Operator's Manual and may differ from the symbols on the multifunction display. The multifunction display shows high-priority display messages in red. Certain display messages are accompanied by a warning tone.

Please act in accordance with the display messages and follow the additional notes in the Operator's Manual.

For some display messages, a symbol will also be shown:

  • Mercedes-Benz GLC. Introduction Further information
  • Mercedes-Benz GLC. Introduction Hide display message

With the left-hand Touch Control, you can select the respective symbol by swiping to the left or right. Press the Mercedes-Benz GLC. Introduction symbol to show further information on the media display. Press the Mercedes-Benz GLC. Introduction symbol to hide the display message.

You can hide low-priority display messages by pressing the Mercedes-Benz GLC. Introduction back button or the left-hand Touch Control. The display messages will then be stored in the message memory.

Rectify the cause of a display message as quickly as possible.

High-priority display messages cannot be hidden. The multifunction display shows these display messages continuously until the cause of the display message has been rectified.

Calling up saved display messages

On-board computer:

Mercedes-Benz GLC. Introduction Service Mercedes-Benz GLC. Introduction 1 Message

If there are no display messages, No Messages will appear on the multifunction display.

Mercedes-Benz GLC. Introduction Scroll through the display messages by swiping upwards or downwards on the left-hand Touch Control.

Mercedes-Benz GLC. Introduction To exit the message memory: press the back button Mercedes-Benz GLC. Introduction.

    Display messages


    Occupant safety


    Other information:

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