Mercedes-Benz GLC : Detecting risks, avoiding danger / Securing systems for child restraint systems in the vehicle

Only use the following securing systems for child restraint systems:

  • The LATCH-type (ISOFIX) securing rings
  • The vehicle's seat belt system
  • The Top Tether anchorages

Installing a LATCH-type (ISOFIX) child restraint system is preferred.

Simply attaching to the securing rings on the vehicle can reduce the risk of installing the child restraint system incorrectly.

When securing a child with the integrated seat belt of the LATCH-type (ISOFIX) child restraint system, always comply with the permissible gross weight for the child and child restraint system.

A booster seat may be necessary to achieve proper seat belt positioning for children over 40 lbs (18 kg) in weight or until they reach a height where a three-point seat belt can be installed properly without a booster seat.

Mercedes-Benz recommends a suitable child booster seat with a backrest and seat belt guide.

    Detecting risks, avoiding danger


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