Mercedes-Benz GLC : Cleaning and care / Notes on cleaning decorative foils

Observe the notes on matte finish care in the chapter "Notes on paintwork/matte finish paintwork care". They also apply to matte decorative foils.

Observe the notes on cleaning decorative foils to avoid vehicle damage.


  • For cleaning, use plenty of water and a mild cleaning agent without additives or abrasive substances, e.g. a car shampoo approved for Mercedes-Benz.
  • Remove dirt immediately, where possible, whilst avoiding rubbing too hard. There is otherwise a risk of damaging the decorative foil irreparably.
  • If there is dirt on the finish or if the decorative foil is dull: use the Paint Cleaner recommended and approved for Mercedes-Benz.
  • Insect remains: soak with insect remover and rinse off the treated areas afterwards.
  • Bird droppings: soak with water and rinse off afterwards.
  • To prevent water stains, dry a foil-wrapped vehicle with a soft, absorbent cloth after every car wash.

Avoiding damage to the decorative foil

  • The service life and color of decorative foils are impaired by:
    • Sunlight
    • Temperature, e.g. hot air blower
    • Weather conditions
    • Stone chippings and dirt
    • Chemical cleaning agents
    • Oily products
  • Do not use polish on matte decorative foil. Polishing will have the effect of shining the foil-wrapped surface.
  • Do not treat matte or structured decorative foils with wax. Permanent stains may occur.

Scratches, corrosive deposits, areas affected by corrosion and damage caused by incorrect care cannot always be completely repaired. In such cases, visit a qualified specialist workshop.

You can obtain more information on care and cleaning products from the manufacturer.

In the case of foil-wrapped surfaces, optical differences may occur between the surfaces that were not protected by a decorative foil after removing a decorative foil.

Have work or repairs to decorative foils carried out at a qualified specialist workshop, e.g. at an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center.

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