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Mercedes-Benz GLC : General notes / Notes for persons with electronic medical aids

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Mercedes-Benz GLC. Notes for persons with electronic medical aids Observe the notes in the Supplement. You could otherwise fail to recognize dangers.

Mercedes-Benz AG cannot, despite carefully developing vehicle systems, completely rule out the interaction of vehicle systems with electronic medical aids such as cardiac pacemakers.

In addition, there are components installed in the vehicle that, regardless of the operating status of the vehicle, can generate magnetic fields on a par with permanent magnets. These fields can be found, for example, in the area around the multimedia and sound system or also in the area of the seats, depending on the vehicle equipment.

For this reason, the following can occur in isolated cases, depending on the aids used:

  • Medical aids malfunctioning
  • Adverse health effects

Observe the notes and warnings of the manufacturer of the medical aids; if in doubt, contact the device manufacturer and/or your doctor. If there is continuing uncertainty concerning the possibility of medical aids malfunctioning, Mercedes- Benz AG recommends using only few electrical vehicle systems and/or maintaining a distance from the components.

Only have repairs and maintenance work in the area of the following components carried out by a qualified specialist workshop:

  • Vehicle components carrying live voltage
  • Transmission antenna
  • Multimedia system and sound system

If you have any queries or suggestions, consult a qualified specialist workshop.

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