Mercedes-Benz GLC : General notes / Correct use of the vehicle

If you remove any warning stickers, you or others could fail to recognize certain dangers. Leave warning stickers in position.

Observe the following information in particular when driving your vehicle:

  • the safety notes in this manual
  • technical data for the vehicle
  • traffic rules and regulations
  • laws and safety standards pertaining to motor vehicles

    Qualified specialist workshop

    NOTE Plug-in hybrid Observe the notes in the Supplement. You could otherwise fail to recognize dangers. An authorized Mercedes-Benz Center is a qualified specialist workshop...

    Sport Utility Vehicle

    WARNING Risk of accident when the center of gravity is too high The vehicle may start to skid and rollover in the event of sudden steering maneuvers and/or when the vehicle's speed is not adapted to the road conditions...

    Other information:

    Mercedes-Benz GLC 2016-2024 Owners Manual: Information on the maximum tire load

    The data shown in the image is example data. Maximum tire load is the maximum permissible weight for which the tire is approved. Do not overload the tires by exceeding the specified load limit. The maximum permissible load can be found on the vehicle's Tire and Loading Information placard on the B-pillar on the driver's side...

    Mercedes-Benz GLC 2016-2024 Owners Manual: Special service requirements

    The prescribed service interval is based on normal operation of the vehicle. Maintenance work will need to be performed more often if the vehicle is operated under arduous conditions or increased loads. The ASSYST PLUS service interval display is only an aid...


    Activating/deactivating the panic alarm


    The ignition is switched off.

    Mercedes-Benz GLC. Activating/deactivating the panic alarm

    Mercedes-Benz GLC. Activating/deactivating the panic alarm To activate: press button Mercedes-Benz GLC. Activating/deactivating the panic alarm for approximately one second.

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